Abo Trade Network

Current offerings in the Abo Trade Network:

Outsourced Manufacturing Low production efficiency? No problem! Outsource your production to the advanced manufactories of Kapo and The Daystar – get your finished goods without all those annoying middle steps, and simply pay using material or tech, whatever is more convenient! A specialized econony is the key to prosperity!

An ALMOST UNLIMITED quantity of Material is currently available and seeking trade partners. This includes plasticized aluminum, velspar, uranium, rich dark gneiss ore, advanced crystals, and the mineral wealth of the Originator Tribe.

There are also an ever growing number of technological products and services currently available. We keep our customers information private whenever possible, so please respond to us if you wish to trade for any of these wares, or have any of your own to sell. Please let us know what you would be willing to trade, and we will do our best to find you buyers and pass their offers on to you.

Current Offerings:

NEW Schwartzabo Wormhole Detection – Tech – upgrade your scanners to detect all temporal anomalies, stable wormholes, and dimensional shenanigans. In the current climate of uncertainty, a word of warning may be just the thing to save your worlds from a disaster like the one that struck Hope Springs.

NEW Narcopharmacology – tech – a plethora of safe and tailor made recreational drugs, which just incidentally can help to keep the more fractious elements of society nicely content. [Allows construction of one use narcopharmacological packages which will automatically stop a revolt]

New Equilibrium Package – finished goods – Not interested in homebrewing your own special narco-treats? Have someone else do it for you! Note that without the sort of complete physiological expertise races only have about themselves, it may be more difficult to control potential side effects. As a result, the first one is free!

Source Field Disjunction Drive – The fastest travel possible without warping space and time itself! 5 hexacrons per SY crosses most empires in a single bound, and permits rapid response to threats and opportunities from any direction.

Advanced Batteries – build extremely high density electronic batteries – able to power robots, and possibly lasers.

Autonomous Robot Control – Allow the construction of autonomous robots, precursor to many more advanced robotic technologies, and a boon to the industrial sector (+0.1 PE)

Production Control Algorithms – Full automated production control further improves the basic efficiency of manufacturing, (+0.1 PE)

Advanced Medicine AND Genetic Disease Immunity. – Two sides of the same coin, even more potent in conjunction. These techs allow for construction of Gene Therapy Centers, Advanced Hospitals, and Tactical Medical Pods. – also a substantial improvement in survivability of colonists in environments threatened by biological pathogens.

Implant distributed computing – Using bio powered DNA computation techniques, allow your otherwise indigent population to contribute by mining bit coins on projects requiring major computational power – while not helpful on smaller research projects, this reduces the RP cost of more advanced technologies by %15!

Magnetic Deflectors: Shape and control magnetic fields to your hearts content – useful for any number of medical, scientific, and industrial purposes.

Gravitic tractor beams (tech, inherent bonus, special)- add to harvesting and production effeciencies, greatly reduce the cost of ugrading obsolete ships, and any other creative use you can come up with for this marvelous new technology! (Development Cost 8 million man hours)

Protogenomic Mass Spectrometry – (tech, inherent bonus) analyze genetic molecules remotely and accurately – a major boon to biological projects! (Development Cost 6 million man hours)

Gravitic Shielding – Probably the most advanced defensive system in the cluster – use controlled gravity to deflect incoming projectiles, ordinance, and even laser weapons. Highly effective against ALL known weaponry.

Mach Effect Impuse Drive – An effective method of propulsion – capable of accelerating ships safely to .6c, traversing 3 hexacrons in a single SY

Quantum Cell Array Scanners (tech, inherent bonus/special) – speciallized application of superconducting tunnel junctions permits extremely accurate light speed detection at great distances, or specialized scanning of anomalies. Usable in sattelite arrays (inherent bonus) or equipable for scouting missions (special) these devices are a must have for intelligence AND the intelligentsia.

Thomian Webbing (tech, special) Web projectors fill great volumes of space with interlinked gravitic mines – capable of tearing appart fighter sized vessels or torpedoes with astonishing efficacy, also usable as pre-installed planetary defense. (the science requirements for this tech are rather steep – please inquire)

Adamantium Armor (tech, armor) Properly arranged and braced, adamantium can provide an increased level of protection from a variety of armaments – even the best weapons are more effective when fired twice.

Heavy Gauss Accellerator (tech, weapons) These powerful rail accellerators have recently been tested to great effect in battle, boasting superior range and damage potential – formidable either as a mainstay armament, or for support ships which wish to stay safely behind the front line.

Biofilm Solar Collectors (tech, inherent bonus) hypereffective photoelectric technology increases energy production for societies seeking to reduce ecological impact. May also be useful in other conservation situations, such as extended shipboard life. As an environmental initiative, the creators are offering this tech at a discount price.

Bio-neural gel packs (tech, inherent bonus). Double the effectiveness of your mining, manufacturing, and educational facilities (yes, double!) by installing high grade bio neural circuitry to regulate efficiency in real time. Easily applied to both new and existing facilities.

The Space Elevator (individual construction): Also called the orbital window. Send production from planet-side to space with greater efficiency. As the creators of this tech say “This infrastructure is necessary.”. Our engineers can now report that this serves as a production facility and a mining facility without requiring any additional power, and requiring less material than the two combined.

Updated! Visaol Terraformer (individual construction): Does the duty of both a terraformer and an agricultural station. It is an excellent defensive facility as well, as it enables control of the native flora and fauna to help fight off invaders. This ability proved crucial in the battle at the Daystar, allowing the planet to defend itself until help arrived. It has other properties as well, which can be discussed in private negotiations over the construction.

THE WISDOM OF THE POG. In today’s hectic galaxy, who has time to go searching for wisdom? Wisdom seekers can now experience this enigma, and it’s mysterious wrapping, from the comfort of your own contemplative retreat.

Diaspora Mission (pattern): Hopefully to undergo its first interspecies demonstration soon, the Abian diaspora mission allows population to be shuttled back and forth between colonies. Get a head start on those hard to colonize worlds!

Harmoon Museum (individual construction): The Harmoon would like to build a cultural landmark on your worlds – isn’t that generous?

Work Order (individual consideration): One of our clients is seeking industrial minded species to produce manufactured goods – they will provide the raw materials and additional compensation.

Planetary Temperatizing Baterisheath (pattern): Terraforming, without terraformers! All the benefits, but requiring no power or infrastural space.

Atmosphere Reclamation Plant (pattern): Using organic materials, remove carbon and other pollutants from the environment. Each plant is capable of restoring .02 Ecovariance Units per SY (Strontium Year)

Plasticized Titanium (tech, inherent bonus): Strong, Ductile, Durable, and inexpensive to produce, plasticized titanium will help reduce the cost of building many patterns.

Pulsed Fusion Drive (tech): Accelerate a starship to .2c. Individual patterns using this tech are available at a discount.

Abian Superego DNA: Impress your friends and relations with control of your own genome!

Astrographic Data: Expand your knowledge of the Cosmos and those that dwell therein.

Information on military technologies is available upon request.

Abo Trade Network

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