Soja Collective

We are the Soja.


Home World: Sojourn 1
Planetary History: Long ago the Soja were visited by an extra-solar species who’s true name is lost to the ages. Largely kind in their disposition, these visitors taught the Soja about animal husbandry, metal working, crop rotation, and many other ways to improve their lot in life; all in trade for shares of the Soja’s abundant natural resources. The Soja came to refer to their benefactors as The Samaritans, and as their culture grew they came to learn principals of logic, critical thinking, and scientific methodology all while their natural collectivism allowed them to shun distractions such as existential philosophy. One calamitous day, remnants of the Samaritan’s ships fell from the sky leaving contrails of acrid smoke and sparking devastating fires on the surface. It was to be the last recorded moment of interaction between the Soja and the Samaritans, and despite the destruction, arguably the Samaritan’s greatest gift. With patient research and careful preservation, the Soja eventually left their world, only to discover that their solar system was a mere few centuries away from being rendered uninhabitable via a collision with another star and the eventual formation of a binary system. With annihilation of the homeworld scheduled for scant centuries from our first steps into space, the Soja were forced to reallign their societies goals. We perfected mining and manufacturing, eschewing all forms of art, in order to take literally as much with us as physically possible. The Soja have now set forth into the stars in the largest migration their species has ever known. They will visit every system in the cluster if need be, and learn what fate has befallen the Samaritans. Should an actual surviving colony of Samaritans be discovered, the Soja intend to present themselves, proud as children recently graduated into adulthood, and beg for reunification with their former benefactors.

The Soja stand roughly six feet tall, with vestigial plumage on the head that can extend up to another foot in height, similar to a cockatoo. The cranial plumage is often brightly colored and amidst fellow members of the Soja can indicate sexual dominance, age, and wisdom. Their skin has a greyish pallor to it, and their faces are sharp and angular, with their eyes set somewhat farther apart than a humans. The Soja tend to be thin and delicate looking, with hollow bones and low body weight contributing to their speed. They have three digits on each hand, longer than most humanoids, with one opposable digit. Their faces still show signs of an understated beak, similar to a turtle’s. They have digitigrade legs with three-toed feet.

Home world:
Rendered uninhabitable 68 generations ago. Home fleet currently designated “Sojourn One”

Cultural values:

The Soja value harmony in their colonies; though their ships are large most of this space is given over to redundancies in critical power and life support systems. For quarters, the Soja cluster together in large internal Rookeries consisting mostly of open space with intermittently placed accouterments as necessary. They maintain a social cohesion by constantly working in groups or flocks ranging in size from 5 to 20 members and seldom spend any time alone.

Generally playful when unoccupied, task-oriented to the exclusion of personal feelings when working

World government:
High degree of collectivism results in a system approximating socialism

Social structure:
Quantum entanglement collectivism

Trade is conducted at arm’s length. Envoy ships rendezvous with ambassadors and traders from other cultures a minimum of 38 AU’s distance from the colony fleet’s primary formation for the purpose of conducting business. The Soja are not overtly hostile or xenophobic, but are distinctly aware of the possibility of cultural pollution.

The Soja focus most of their research on improving the durability of their ships and the efficiency with which they can be manufactured. Colony, exploratory, and research platforms feature redundant energy relays and life support systems. Secondary research priorities go toward improvements in sensors and archaeological abilities.


Soja Collective

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