Manowar Primespawn

The representative of the Manowar species. Answers for all subspecies of the Manowar superorganism, across all Manowar space, homeworld, territories, colonies, and shrines


From the chaos of combining perspectives of radicals, cultists, artisans, hunters and engineers, the government distills the “consensus” via its centralized position and wisdom. In other words, the intent of the race as a whole is recognized, then enacted via the authority and experience of the senior leaders of Kuralekt. The highest body of government on Kuralekt is a circle of approximately 500 to 1000 Manowars of senior age, the majority of which are absentee, on a sabbatical or introspective sojourn away from the capitol. There is no discernible order or methodology to the presence or absence of any particular members, and the Manowar race as a whole is entitled to a transparent view of the goings-on amongst decision makers. There is all but absolute trust in the government. Dissenters and rebellious viewpoints are neither encouraged nor extinguished – Manowar over the recent centuries have abandoned Kuralekt quite regularly (often guessed by alien scholars to be Manowars that possessing higher levels of bio-informed thought, or enhanced intelligence thru other means). There are small Manowar colonies unaffiliated with the Kuralekt government across the universe, and they are of no note.


Manowar Primespawn

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