Palomar 14

The Measure of a Man

4.89 g Sr-90

Garmond, the Tripe Chronicler to the Abo, has published an essay titled, “The Measure of a Man.” By and large the essay is just a bunch of inane drivel, however, an interesting table labled, “Most Efficient Societies of Palomar 14” did appear near the center of the work. This table has been reproduced by your QEC analysts, as it is the only element of the text that they deemed worthy of the attention of the planetary government:

The Grand Abo
The Great Pog
The Mighty Manowar
The Effective Isanthian
The Average Visaol
The Not Average, but Their Parents Think They Are Harmoon
The Pessimistic Soja

Notably, data from 4 civilizations who refused to host a Tripe Chronicler were not available for the list.


It is pleasing to see that our philosophy of minimal government and personal freedom affords do many opportunities to the individual! Some of that efficiency ends up directed of course, to less valuable projects like our immensely popular POGs collectible card game (which accounts for about 45% of economic activity among children aged 40-100) but if we will be doing something foolish, we at least hope to do it well!

For civilizations seeking to improve their efficiencies, we must strongly suggest looking into some items available through the trade network. Bio Neural Gel Packs are certain to increase your efficiency – they have been a great boon to ours. Genetic terraformers and the space elevator allow savings in infrastructure, materials and labor, or all three, allowing the construction of further buildings to increase efficiencies. The Harmoon museum has also served to inspire our scientists (and it is FREE!)

We are pleased to see we are doing well in comparison, but would like our trading partners to share the blessings of the technology on offer, and thus become of even greater economic benefit to one another!

The Measure of a Man
TheTrancendant TheTrancendant

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