Palomar 14

Regarding the Third Battle of Daystar

610.35 mg Sr-90

[From Leif, war correspondent, daughter of Lob, Tripe Chronicler to the Isanthians]

Based on my observations I believe that there is more to the Perihelian War than meets the eye. The official reports will no doubt describe mass troop movements, sub-orbital maneuvers, and the efficacy of this weapon system or that, but I was there in the thick of it and have a different story to tell.

While an attache to an Abo regiment on the front lines during the Third Battle of Daystar I witnessed the deployment of the Manowar Pridespawn. Elegantly simple, the Manowar charged the Howl line and, heedless of casualties, they entered close combat where their prowess was able to finally reverse the tactical retreat that the Abo had been fighting all these years. The Howl were driven back towards Cave Entrance 32, but, upon reaching it, it became apparent that the Howl had deployed merely 50% of their strength to defend the Landing Zone (LZ).

The objective of the combined Abo / Manowar force was to drive the Howl into the tunnels of Daystar and secure a safe LZ for future reinforcements. The fact that the Howl had copious reserves effectively spelled disaster for this effort. As Howl reinforcements advanced through a secret tunnel dug behind the Pridespawn lines a purple flash occurred, similar to that described in the Drum Report. Once my vision had cleared I saw 4 Howl soldiers and 2 Pantherans faced off against 3 Abo, an Isanthian, and 3 Manowar. I cannot adequately describe the battle that ensued. The Manowar fired weapons that dissolved the Howl armor, the Howl used swords that cleaved through Manowar armor like it was tissue, the Pantherans fired hand held laser weapons with rates of fire that exceeded our contemporary gatling cannons. When the smoke cleared a single Abo and a single Manowar were still alive. They affixed a device to the tunnel wall and then were gone. Seconds after their flight their device activated and the tunnel collapsed. The Howl reinforcements did not arrive and the day was won by the Manowar.

There are forces beyond our ken in play here. I caution all readers to carefully consider my report and form their own opinions about the powers at play here.


TheTrancendant TheTrancendant

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