Manowar Spawnwards

Not to be confused with the “Primespawn” government leaders of the Manowar Superorganism Empire, the Pridespawn cohorts are mercenaries purchasable through interaction with the Transcendent One. Pridespawn cohorts are the result of Manowar overpopulation, youth from the Manowar homeworld that have no place in a society accustomed to half or fewer citizens as currently exist.

The Manowar government established a mercenary college of sorts at which disenfranchised young Manowar can receive basic military, organizational and colonial training in preparation for a life outside of Manowar space. They learn universal etiquette, fundamentals of war and conflict, bio-technical engineering and mechanical skills to survive (perhaps not thrive) in foreign terrestrial environments, and interstellar communications.

Graduates, as a class, renounce all affiliation, loyalty and familial ties with the Manowar Superorganism Empire. They depart via several purposely chaotic travel waypoints into foreign space to solicit universal knowledge from encounters with alien species, governments, flora and fauna. Their purpose is primarily labor – whether physical, martial or other.

Spawnwards deploy in the service of another government for a duration specified by the GM. They will fight against any (declared) enemy and will work for any cause. Their limitations are as follows:
-Spawnwards will not commit self-harm nor commit to a “suicide” mission without express purpose/cause
-Spawnwards will defend their patrons against all attackers, including the Manowar government, but will not proactively attack nor spy against the Manowar government
-Spawnwards will disband and seek out other Spawnward sects to join if ordered to commit either of the above

Costs to employ Spawnwards will be negotiated with The Transcendent One. Expect Spawnwards to have outstanding (level 4 or 5) physical combat skills and adaptability. (level 5)

The Manowar Superorganism Government has absolutely no knowledge of Spawnward actions, influence over Spawnwards, or other recourse to your race’s emplyoment of Spawnwards.

Manowar Spawnwards

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