Palomar 14

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First Contact

1.25 kg Sr-90

The signal from your Quantum Entanglement Communicator (QEC) Device is registering spin manipulation from a source external to the QEC. Investigation by your scientists suggest that another intelligence is responsible for the fluctuations. A few years of research later and you are in communication with the other species of your cluster. Welcome to Palomar 14.

Old News

625 g Sr-90
The idealists in your societies are extremely disappointed. Simultaneous first contact with 10 sentient alien races initially caused quite a stir, but then years passed and nobody seemed to have anything to say. Why is there no cultural exchange? How could they all be so uninterested in delving into what has probably been the greatest scientific development in their history? These questions and others nag at the minds of your society’s thinkers. But it is not all darkness in the void; there have been bright spots. The Abo seem genuinely interested in making contact (perhaps too much contact) with the other species of Palomar 14. The Pog have presented the galaxy with a great riddle and the Shanashavii and Visaol seem to have taken a keen interest in one another.

312.5 g Sr-90
A major astronomical event has occurred. All observers witnessed an episode of intense gravitational lensing where none had been before. By compiling records from multiple observers separated by large distances your scientists have been able to determine the event was caused by something located in the vicinity of UX-87. Additionally, based on this location and the recorded times of observation from the various researchers it was possible to date the event at or about 563 g Sr-90.

156.25 g Sr-90
The Tripe have not been silent on the QEC so much as they spewed a more or less continuous stream of pop culture drivel that has been categorically deleted by your QEC administrators prior it ever having been brought to the attention of your leaders. The final QEC message from the Tripe, however, was sufficiently important that it has been paraphrased by your analysts for you to review:
“The Tripe civilization appears to have destroyed itself. Apparently a musical group that called itself “Inspirational Mythological Figure” was able to obtain a large quantity of funding from a company called Sexually Inexperienced Galactic to film a music video for their new song, titled “Gravitationally Significant Singularity,” in orbit around their star Tripotia. Too much money being in the hands or irresponsible corporate entities, a poor understanding of the physics they were dabbling with, and a disengaged populous all conspired to create an environment in which a calamitous disaster was essentially inevitable. These rock stars did indeed film the best music video of all time; however, the video, the rockers, and their entire civilization was destroyed some 10 minutes later when the supernova they triggered consumed the entire civilization."
The report from your administrators continues by suggesting that in the opinion of the analytics team this disaster, while unfortunate, is probably for the best.
[Fyi, This event did not occur near UX-87, these are independent occurrences]

78.13 g SR-90
A message came through the QEC from a Tripe cruise ship called the Soulward Bound. Apparently, it was filled with a group of wealthy novelists, their extended families, and various hangers-on and was located on the far fringes of Tripe space on a luxury “spirit quest” when the supernova occurred. They now say that they plan on making for Simic C and, if the mai tais don’t run out before they get there, they would like to split up and travel to the far flung reaches of the cluster to chronicle the people, places, and events of Palomar 14. Will any them up on their offer and welcome these homeless Tripe?

Least Interesting News Post of the Campaign

39.06 g SR-90
Having enjoyed a free ride thus far, your Empire’s IT department has finally been taken to task. In response they have created an entirely new interface for the QEC.
In other news, the Soulward Bound has made it to Simic C. Though emaciated, having been sustained by little more than mai tais for nearly 2 half lives of SR-90, most are alive and terrified by the native life of Simic C. The hospitable Abo are nurturing them back to health and are even keeping their sexual advances to a minimum in consideration for the fragile state of their guests. Additionally, the Abo merchant marine has agreed to ferry the Tripe chroniclers to any who will receive them.
[GM note, some of you have already, but please indicate a second time in your Turn 9 notes that you would like or would not like to receive a Tripe chronicler.]

Dawn of Diplomacy

19.53 g Sr-90
Technology is advancing; Palomar 14 is becoming a smaller place and things are heating up. The Abo trade network is buzzing with activity. Conflict appears to have erupted between the Howl and the Isanthians. A new sentient species, the Harmoon, have made themselves known. The well rested Tripe Chroniclers are now making their way to the territories of those who have welcomed them. Space is filling up. What are the goals of your society? Who do you trust?

Drum's Report

9.77 g Sr-90
Drum, the Tripe Chronicler to the Soja, currently aboard the Jaunt 2 approximately 0.2 light years to the galactic west of Kapo, reports an extremely unusual phenomenon. On an evening just prior to 10 g Sr-90, while Drum was enjoying his customary night cap on 10 forward, the Jaunt 2 was filled with a distinctly purple light for approximately 5 seconds. Drum reports that the light was sufficiently bright to render him temporarily blind, but, when his vision cleared, he found himself in the presence of 4 strangers who introduced themselves as Filoch, Waukeen, Zef, and Ishaka. The Soja deny that this occurred and have chosen to censor Drum’s reports for the time being. However, prior to the Soja censor, Drum’s description of the strangers was leaked through his personal QEC uplink. Filoch, it seems, is a Visaol scholar; Waukeen, a Soja (nothing strange there); Zef, a Howl soldier; and Ishaka, a Manowar mercenary. Odd, no?

The Measure of a Man

4.89 g Sr-90

Garmond, the Tripe Chronicler to the Abo, has published an essay titled, “The Measure of a Man.” By and large the essay is just a bunch of inane drivel, however, an interesting table labled, “Most Efficient Societies of Palomar 14” did appear near the center of the work. This table has been reproduced by your QEC analysts, as it is the only element of the text that they deemed worthy of the attention of the planetary government:

The Grand Abo
The Great Pog
The Mighty Manowar
The Effective Isanthian
The Average Visaol
The Not Average, but Their Parents Think They Are Harmoon
The Pessimistic Soja

Notably, data from 4 civilizations who refused to host a Tripe Chronicler were not available for the list.

The Museum of Kapo

2.45 g Sr-90

Garmond has published again. This time a review of the flagship Harmoon museum in a travel brochure issued by the Kapian Chamber of Commerce:

“Never has the adjective cyclopean been used more accurately as when describing this monumental edifice. As one enters the 25 meter portal of this architectural masterpiece he is greeted by Ammutseba, the gargantuan one-eyed Harmoon curator of this museum. Ammutseba’s imposing size explains the height of the entrance, but, although intimidating, Ammutseba is a congenial host who is more than happy to give direction to the tourist via a mind-activated message board that he(?) wears around his neck.

I spent the greater part of an afternoon touring hall after gargantuan hall filled with curiosities collected by the Harmoon from parts unknown. I was filled with wonderment throughout my visit, but my wonder was complete when I finally came upon the museum’s central chamber. There I viewed a monument that literally defies description. My artistic mind found scant purchase on the bewildering geometry and scintillating colors of the object and I was pleased to find that the Abian scientists who packed the room found themselves similarly confounded. It is beyond the scope of this review to fully relate my conversations with the scientists, but the general impression I came away with is that the Abians believe that this object does not reside in merely three dimensions. Fantastic!

All told, a trip to Kapo is well worth the cost if only to see this attraction. I give it two flagella up!"

Philosophers' Garden

1.23g Sr-90

[From Hike, the Tripe Chronicler to the Manowar]:

Far from the battle lines of the Perihelian War lies the Manowar shrine world of Sky’s Gaze. By Manowar mandate no mining is permitted and each race is limited to the construction of only a single permanent structure. In a peaceful archipelago under the weak light of this system’s giant red star a philosopher’s garden has been constructed. Here the prophetic sermons of Draconian pilgrims are debated alongside the natural philosophy of the Manowar and the carefully measured science of the Harmoon. The total population of this place is considerably less than 2,000, but the free exchange of ideas generate innovation that rivals the subterranean data processing centers of Ka-Tesh. Truly we see here, in the cooperation of three diverse forms of sentient life, a model that we, the citizens of Palomar 14, should strive toward.

Regarding the Third Battle of Daystar

610.35 mg Sr-90

[From Leif, war correspondent, daughter of Lob, Tripe Chronicler to the Isanthians]

Based on my observations I believe that there is more to the Perihelian War than meets the eye. The official reports will no doubt describe mass troop movements, sub-orbital maneuvers, and the efficacy of this weapon system or that, but I was there in the thick of it and have a different story to tell.

While an attache to an Abo regiment on the front lines during the Third Battle of Daystar I witnessed the deployment of the Manowar Pridespawn. Elegantly simple, the Manowar charged the Howl line and, heedless of casualties, they entered close combat where their prowess was able to finally reverse the tactical retreat that the Abo had been fighting all these years. The Howl were driven back towards Cave Entrance 32, but, upon reaching it, it became apparent that the Howl had deployed merely 50% of their strength to defend the Landing Zone (LZ).

The objective of the combined Abo / Manowar force was to drive the Howl into the tunnels of Daystar and secure a safe LZ for future reinforcements. The fact that the Howl had copious reserves effectively spelled disaster for this effort. As Howl reinforcements advanced through a secret tunnel dug behind the Pridespawn lines a purple flash occurred, similar to that described in the Drum Report. Once my vision had cleared I saw 4 Howl soldiers and 2 Pantherans faced off against 3 Abo, an Isanthian, and 3 Manowar. I cannot adequately describe the battle that ensued. The Manowar fired weapons that dissolved the Howl armor, the Howl used swords that cleaved through Manowar armor like it was tissue, the Pantherans fired hand held laser weapons with rates of fire that exceeded our contemporary gatling cannons. When the smoke cleared a single Abo and a single Manowar were still alive. They affixed a device to the tunnel wall and then were gone. Seconds after their flight their device activated and the tunnel collapsed. The Howl reinforcements did not arrive and the day was won by the Manowar.

There are forces beyond our ken in play here. I caution all readers to carefully consider my report and form their own opinions about the powers at play here.


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