Four Armed 'Living' Crystal Hominoids


We have more harmony in which all people are friends. We are working to further crystallize the inherent perfection of all, it is welcome. We want to understand the world and it is one of the quiet people.



Species: Shanashavii
Home World: Na’ev


Planetary History:
Na’ev (or more formally Nara’avorii Kae’etheria) Na’ev planets orbiting stars in a balanced set of three stars, the inner ring septuple hierarchical star system exists where the planets and the solar system, is applied to the central star. Na’ev time and orbits a star and current star of the orbit. Needless to say, it is still hot organic barren of life, and environment. The only other planetary systems exist and still have a lot of circling around the Seven Suns. The seven stars of complex navigation patterns Na’ev difficult to reach through space travel. Only two planets in the solar system support, but in the outer layers of the sprayed material, asteroids, and a large amount of small planetoids in the outer layer of navigation. System at the heart of life in this region provides energy impute that in order septuple stellar system. Na’ev biological life in the planet, the planet fringe first contact with a potential proto-organisms to support life, and the present invention. Unfortunately, it does not affect the cooling of the planet’s irregular orbit, to change the course of time was in the process of destroying life on njemu. Shanashavi
home – Palomar 14

Type history:
Once known galaxy extends to a large part of the Galactic Empire in distant countries Shanashavii recorded history. However, the old race, “Khol Shanashavii” Real-grid in a direct line connecting the harness to connect to the grid a few universes continue efforts stayed at the facility. The event Shanashavii temporary home worlds and face disaster due to the ever-expanding grid of light is a ripple.and are required to be in perfect shape. With this in mind, Shanashavii inner star adjacent to his native planet Na’ev spread through your home system.

Shanashavii formed from translucent crystal latticework. The crystal structure can be grown in many different ways, but most commonly take the form of six members Shanashavii bipedal’’ character (ie, four hands and feet 2). Shanashavii food energy intake immediately after the direct light from the small daily reduction in their internal grid environment, small particles can absorb. It is crystal Shanashavii age is, because food, oxygen or air to breath, and excessive temperature and high pressure and exists in a different environment. Also, as a non-biological organisms, Shanashavii no DNA or sex. So, Shanashavii family or clan structures do not exist and is not recognized as an important parenting. There is a biological species is not.

System at the heart of life in this region provides energy impute that Na’ev septuple hierarchical stellar system. So, sometimes the whole balance of the seven stars and the species symbol (with an equidistant binary stars orbit a central star surrounded by three sets at the center of a star) is used as. Shanashavii sense of life purpose facility in the process of trying to reach the perfection of all things that are in continuous mode, and. This process is called natural stability and integrity of the grid or network. Ideally, the energy exchange due to the movement should be more consistency. Designed to increase the stability of energy will lead to a large latticework shape. Unfortunately, it is anathema to the action bar, the entropy of an attitude, harmony of the universe, and the natural order and against the law suggests that biological life.

Shanashavii energetic, hardworking, and izreci. Organizational species to accumulate good radan. Shanashavii resonance to match their location and composition grid and peaceful people understand and want others to enjoy the peace of a copy of the grid. It is the need of the business is acceptable, but ideally, in the end, all the best to use as much of the universe will lead to harmony and the funds will be distributed to understand the kind of activities.

Shanashavii more activity in the entire universe, called for the name of the grid is a series of interconnected pyramid, form, and this form is used as a deliberate gesture, which exists in a political organization. Endlessly repeated on virtually any size of group, and it is vital that the meritocratic pyramid-like hierarchical sub-station can be described as the Grid. Clear leadership at the top of the pyramid and sub-commanders, managers, workers with a number of transmitters and three-dimensional in nature. Leaders of the bottom corners of the pyramid with the apex or climax is called the index. Pyramid structure indexes again to change it around and it plays an important role in the social structure of the integrated discussion. Top, the other side of the pyramid and its activities will be given tasks to determine what directives. Then finally the supreme ruler of the pyramid system response supervisor / Governor planet / ship / colony growing from the leadership of the pyramid structure is attached to, and finally to the pinnacle of the pyramid. The pyramid system only in a certain order, or the task is to determine the role. Is arranged to lead the way, and any goodwill associated with the different levels of social stigma or no success solely based on the life and work quality are obtained. Lower level of the pyramid, a worker so much that they played a key role in building a new appreciation for the richness of the mother, but no real political power to effect change can be made. Similarly, within the company as well as the resources required to be a valid currency exchange, or be embarrassed designated for all involved in the success of insufficient funds. The highlight of funds to distribute evenly based on the nature of the crisis is likely to be a victim. Selfishness is non-existent, and the formation of genetic material or to transfer directly between those involved, no biological press to Shanashavii is difficult to understand. Instead, group cooperation, and group relationships far more important to the success of the whole species.

Social structure:
Social structure is aligned with the World Government. All locations within the grid is not the same vrije. Apex malls or index is more than a place of respect. The grid is assigned by the inter-working and social conditions of its members do not represent the current job is based on real skills. Personal friendships and rivalries may exist as associations and groups, such as family or clan as the institutions are not based on genetic principles. In true sense, the origin is not important and is not monitored. Parents and children to follow, and the group structure more stable. Pyramided and is considered an important and stable in any system do not recognize each other.

Shanashavii basic technology through the crystal structure and the structures built around the use of the electromagnetic spectrum. Perhaps a good harvest and store energy for consumption or use of the technology, the most fundamental of all. All technology is distributed evenly, where required, and the crystalline material is made ​​out of a base. In this way, the technology itself accepted understanding of biological life in the lake and completely foreign to me that this topic is of interest to learn more about the grid and all lattice. Shanashavii more an expression of harmony.


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