Primespawn Exarch Fggght-Fght-fght- Inkit El

Palomar Harmony Steward


The Manowar Exarch is considered a “Harmony Steward” amongst its people, who until several SY prior made no such mention of this title or position.

Th self-appointed leader of the Manowar Primespawn was unusual. Manowar politics were barely such, once.

The Primespawn citizen-leaders of the Manowar government loosely steered the empire’s growth across the worlds within close reach of Kuralekt. Palomar was shrinking, though. Ships traverse it in a few SY instead of dozens.

Frrrgat’at’cawl, the previous Primespawn in direct contact with foreign races, was fond of loose QEC translations in poetic format and benevolent outreach to the Manowar neighbors and interesting contributions to the Cluster Council’s deliberations on war and politics.

Little was known of the policies or aims of Fggght-Fght-fght- Inkit El, though trust was scarce in recent SY.

Primespawn Exarch Fggght-Fght-fght- Inkit El

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