Palomar 14

The Recoiling

1 of 3 for SY 25

600 ɥg Sr-90

[From Ammutseba of the Harmoon]

Greetings Friends,

As you all no doubt know, very soon Intersoles, the homeworld of the Howl, will nova. The infrastructure required to evacuate most of the Howl is in place and will begin this SY. We expect to have the evacuation more or less complete by SY 26, just ahead of the coming cataclysm.

Following the super nova, a third blackhole will be born in the Palomar cluster creating the rare condition where a gravitational hyper triangle of sufficient density will allow us to initiate the recoiling phenomenon wherein the 3 uncoiled dimensions can be collapsed back into their proper state and heal the ancient wounds inflicted on the lattice by the Samaritans. This recoiling will be initiated at a point 0.4 lightyears to the west of Kapo and then will radiate outward at the speed of light. On SY 28 the Palomar core worlds will once again be a part of n-space. On SY 29 all but Na’ev, Proof of Might, Faith’s Rewards, Sky’s Gaze, Ocean’s End, Iraj, and Sojourn 1 will enjoy the harmony of the lattice. Finally, by SY 30 all the peoples of Palomar will realize our promise peace and harmony in n-space.

Based on our conversations with you we have come to understand that some of your people may not be interested in eternal life and the free exchange of thought. I cannot claim to understand this position, but it has been noted. At the initiation site the unbound strands of the decoupled dimension will once again be sewed into the fabric of space. This event will create a temporal singularity which will allow those who choose to be mortal to travel to another time of their choosing where they would be free to while away those years they have left and then suffer the inevitable fate of all minds that cannot access the decoupled dimension. Any who choose this path should endeavor to travel to the initiation site where Ouroboros City will temporarily be accessible by the dimensions you occupy.


TheTrancendant TheTrancendant

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