Palomar 14

The Panhowl Confederacy

3 of 3 for SY 25

600 ɥg Sr-90
[From Kelp, Tripe Chronicler to the Howl]

The impending disaster at Intersoles and successful diplomatic negotiations brokered by the Harmoon have provided the catalyst required to once again unite the Howl and Panthera planet-states into a cosmopolitan whole. A new power in Palomar, the Panhowl Confederacy shall place its seat of government on Panthera and will include the worlds of Jubatus, Tigris, Leo, First Step, Cydonia, and Kep-Tal.

{Note to players: your diplomacy points are not wasted, I had not foreseen Linas’ return to the game, so I dissolved his empire. He has returned so you will get all of your diplomacy points back as bonus MP in SY 26}


TheTrancendant TheTrancendant

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