Palomar 14

The Mold Report

2 of 3 for SY 24

1.20 mg Sr-90
[From Mold, son of Drum, Tripe Chronicler to the Soja]

The Soja have made a monumental discovery this SY which they have given TNN permission to publish.

For many SY the Soja have patiently studied the system they call Expedition (UX-960). They have approached the defining planet of this system with unusual reverence. Rather than immediately strip mine it they have patiently probed it with every type of sensor available to them. The atypical restraint demonstrated by Soja here is due to the unique phenomenon revealed by their initial scans: this planet hosts a series of interlocking ring-shaped patterns over its entire surface. These patterns are invisible to the naked eye but glow strongly in the microwave spectrum. The source of this radiation is not readily apparent and, strangely, the ring pattern follows the planet in its orbit, but not in its rotation.

Much of the Soja’s scientific output for the previous 5 SY has been devoted to analyzing this phenomenon and the Soja now believe that they understand it. This planet is the prison of their forefathers, the Samaritans. Intricate patterns of electromagnetic radiation have been woven around this world by an unknown agent. This web serves as an optical net which ensnares the energy beings that the Soja call the Samaritans.
Having discovered the purpose of the strange electromagnetic patterns here, the Soja now endeavor to undo them so that they can present themselves to their ancient mentors, proud as children recently graduated into adulthood, and beg for reunification with their former benefactors.


TheTrancendant TheTrancendant

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