Palomar 14

One Step Closer to Trancendence

2 of 3 for SY 26

300 ɥg Sr-90
[From Ammutseba of the Harmoon]

Greetings Friends,

We are pleased to announce that many thousands of Tetrarch and Visaol warriors have joined the lucky few who have the opportunity to experience transcendence ahead of their peers.

Harmoon security vessels have encountered no less than 4 Hydra Tetrarch fleets this SY and in 2 of the said encounters the Visaol were present also. Do not be alarmed, our promise of eternal life and clarity of thought is still intact as the Harmoon were predominantly victorious. And do not mourn the brave warriors who were sent against us, our humane weapons did nothing less than commit their minds to n-space. Their immortality is assured. Is yours?


TheTrancendant TheTrancendant

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