Palomar 14

Evacuation of Intersoles

3 of 3 for SY 24

1.20 mg Sr-90
[From Kelp, Tripe Chronicler to the Howl]

The Harmoon have graciously opened a wormhole 1 hexacron to the galactic east of Intersoles and have begun moving the evacuation fleet through. The Harmoon have given their assurances that they will be able to evacuate half of Intersole’s prodigious population by SY 27. Additionally, the Manowar and Hydra Tetrarch have teamed up to evacuate a further 5 billion following the sale of the Tetrarch’s fleet of sleeper ships to the Manowar. The Abo, too, have offered to help by providing resettlement rights on one of their planets. Unfortunately, 5 billion souls are still consigned to oblivion unless the people of Palomar can come up with the means to move them.


TheTrancendant TheTrancendant

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